Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cupckaes comes in Birkins ;P
HERMES PARIS Tradeshow Hit, Celebs' MUST HAVE-- The Hermes Birkin Bag

*Beckham carrying Birkin in Pink Leather

Black Polka Dot

Dark Brown Plain (SOLD OUT)

Dark Brown Polka Dots

Black Polka Dot, Drak Brown Polka Dot, Red Polka Dot, Dark Brown Plain

Purple Leather and Dark Brown Leather

Hermes Paris.
Love at first sight.
Fine authentic leather.
Locket trend.
PARIS latest Tradeshow Love.
Celebs MUST HAVES! They own one Birkin in ALL COLOURS.
Get it before u regret it.
Available in:
Black Polka Dot
Dark Brown Polka Dot
Red Polka Dot
Dark Brown Plain (ALL SOLD OUT)
Purple Leather
Dark Brown Leather

Price: RM 399/ SGD 200

*Please mail us on availibility, shipment from the US. Shipment is immediate upon order, 4days to arrive.
Trend Setter
Royal Blue

White-washed White and Chic Purple (behind)

White-washed White

Trend Setter.
Perfect stitching.
Bronze vintage old-school buckles.
Metal studded. Lined by leather.
2-in- 1 bag. TWO STYLES for ur styling needs.
Button-up on side buckles for a chic-street look. Or zip -it for a laid back look.
Perfect for work and college.

Available in:
Royal Blue
White-washed White
Chic Purple

Price: RM 145/ SGD 74

*Please mail us on availibility, LIMITED STOCKS.
Marc Jacobs Latest '09 Collection - Alyuna II

*Maya Karin @ MARC JACOBS Trade Show Jan '09


White and Black

Vintage Brown

Vintage Brown

Vintage Red and Aqua

Black and Dark Brown

Old school Bronze

This Season's MUST HAVE!
Carried by celeb like Hilary Duff and Maya Karin.
Perfectly quilted.
Chained to perfection.
Fully imported from the United States!
Comes with Marc Jacobs dustbag n verification tag.

Available in:
Vintage Brown
Vintage Red
Dark Brown
Old school Bronze

Price: RM 450/ SGD 230

*Please mail us on availibility, shipment from the US. Shipment is immediate upon order, 4 days to arrive.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer VII Collection

Sexy studded. Genuine buckles.
Python skin imprints.
Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram.
Rock the street when you carry this one-off Louis Vuitton piece.
Comes with Louis Vuitton Dustbag and verification tag.

Available in:

Price: RM 450/ SGD 230

*Please mail us on availibility, shipment from the US. 4days to arrive.

Coach Merve Collection XIII Wallet

Classic Coach Merve Collection XIII.
No nonsense PVC.
All man made authentic leather and canvas.
Finest Quality. This Coach wallet comes in a coach box.

Available in:
Brown (2 SOLD, 1 last piece)
Black (SOLD OUT)

Price: RM 69/ SGD 36

*Restocks based on availibity*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Basic Oversize Clutch

Back to the basics.
Stylishly quilted.
Perfect when u don't wana have big bags around.
Oversize clutches are this season.
Comes with a short n long strap.

Available in:
Black (1 SOLD, 1 last piece)
White (SOLD OUT)

Price: RM 29/ SGD 16

*Not Restockable*
Sky High Sexy

*ASOS Black Skyhigh Platforms

The ultimate combination to perfection.
Standing skyhigh sleek, these peep toe has a very sexy 4.5inch heel,
and those criss cross with a peep of sexiness?
Elevated on a 1.0 inches platform.
This pair is indeed a gorgeous timeless classic peep toe pumps.
Just like those LBD's.

Available in:
Size 35/ Size 4 (SOLD)
Size 36 / Size 5
Size 37 / Size 6 (1 SOLD, 1 Pending)
Size 38 / Size 7 (1 Pending)
Size 39 / Size 8 (SOLD)

Price: RM 69/ SGD 36

Slittery Sexy

*Andrew McQueen Python Peeptoe Court

Our favorite catch for the week.
These sleek, sexy, black peeptoe pumps comes with
4.5 inch high stilettos
It's slittery sleek design is sure to bring out that seductress in you.
With a 1.0 inch raised platform,it ensures your up on your feet all night long.

Available in:
Size 35 / Size 4 (SOLD OUT)
Size 36 / Size 5 (1 LAST Pending)
Size 37 / Size 6 (SOLD OUT)
Size 38 / Size 7
Size 39 / Size 8 (SOLD OUT)
Size 40 / Size 9 (SOLD OUT)

Price: RM 69/ SGD 36


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clutch Essential

Clutch it. Sling it. Carry it.
However u like it this all access bag is a closet essential.
3 ways to use.
More reasons to love it.
Comes with short and long straps for your style liking.

Available in:
Black (2 SOLD, 1 last piece)
White (3 SOLD, 1 last piece)

Price: RM 32/ SGD 17

*Not Restockable*